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All power to producers and consumers

- Power Ledger allows renewable energy asset owners to decide who they want to sell their surplus energy to and at what price. - Using blockchain technology we provide a transparent, auditable and automated market trading and clearing mechanism for the benefit of producers and consumers. Our technology enables the sale of surplus renewable energy generated at residential and commercial developments (including multi-unit/multi-tenanted) and at homes and businesses connected to existing electricity distribution networks, or within micro-grids. Power Ledger puts the power to manage the energy economy into the hands of consumers, while maintaining the value of exisiting distribution networks.

Power Ledger allows for each unit of electricity to be tracked from the point of generation to the point of consumption within the building it is generated, or when sold to other consumers, using the local electricity distribution network. Blockchain technology couples a tracked energy transaction with a financial one, making the process of realising the value of renewable energy investments simple and secure. Power Ledger allows renewable energy asset owners to decide who they want to sell their surplus energy to and at what price. Energy traded across the distribution network is tracked providing a secure revenue stream for DNSPs.

A new energy..

"We allow investors and asset owners of embedded renewable energy generating technologies to monetise surplus energy generation and maximise individual investments in renewable generating technologies"

Power Ledger provides the ability for energy consumers to participate in a new-energy marketplace, even those who cannot afford expensive upfront commitments in renewable energy generating capacity"

Who we are

Power Ledger is the brainchild of a team of respected energy industry professionals, sustainability leaders, disruptors, developers and innovators. It is a team with technical expertise, commercial acumen, regulatory knowledge and a relentless passion to revolutionise the energy sector for the benefit of consumers, producers and distributors.

Dr. Jemma Green

Jemma has more than 15 years’ experience in finance and risk advisory having worked for 11 years in investment banking in London. Whilst there, she completed a Masters degree and two postgraduate diplomas from Cambridge University. Jemma is a research fellow at Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute, whose doctoral research into “Citizen Utilities” has produced unique insights into the challenges and opportunities for the deployment of roof-top solar PV and battery storage within multi-unit developments and the application of the blockchain. Jemma is also experienced in the challenges of sustainable cities through her role as an independent Councillor of the City of Perth. Jemma is Chair of Power Ledger Pty Ltd and a member of the board of directors.
Co-founder and chair

David Martin

David Martin David has over 17 years experience in the electricity industry and has held executive positions in two State-owned electricity utilities. David has spent the past 6 years as a senior consultant to industry participants specialising in regulation of distribution networks, DNSP customer engagement, renewable/new technology feasibility studies and business development. David has significant experience in the challenges and opportunities facing regulated DNSP’s as they transition to a new energy-demand paradigm that sees consumer behaviour leading technology and service demand changes that can present “make or break” opportunities for DNSPs. David is passionate about the development of a low-carbon electricity system focussed on the needs of all consumers. David is the owner of Evolution Road and is managing director of Power Ledger Pty Ltd.
Co-founder and Managing Director

John Bulich

John is a director and co-founder of Ledger Assets, a Perth-based blockchain developer specialising in the creation and commercialisation of technical and commercial blockchain systems. Ledger Assets has successfully developed and deployed world-first blockchain-based products proving the provenance of artefacts including evidence-grade photography, video, document management and medical records management. John is a director of Power Ledger Pty Ltd.
Co-founder and Director

Dr. Gov van Ek

PhD from University of Manchester in Total Technology (technology conceptualization and implementation). Co-founder of Ledger Assets and successful CEO of a number of previous small private and ASX listed companies. Investor and business founder. Founded his first software company in 1991. Systems design and marketing team leader, Human / computing interface and neural networks expertise.
Co-founder and Company Secretary.

Jenni Conroy

Jenni is the owner of Future Effect and has more than 25 years’ experience in the Western Australian energy industry specialising in the generation and retail sectors of the electricity value chain. In 2009, Jenni formed Future Effect and has since built an enviable reputation in the West Australian electricity sector for economic and technical regulation, industry development and electricity entity valuation.
Co-founder and Head of Regulation

Nuno Martins

Blockchain Specialist

Marc Griffiths

CIO – Ethereum Engineer

Alasdair Penman

Systems Engineer

Kristian Myhre

Energy Systems Specialist

The team has an unrivalled reputation in disruptive technologies, industry leadership and innovation. Individually, each has demonstrable successful experience in the development and deployment of major projects and developments both in IT and energy systems.


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